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Salomon XR Crossmax 2 are the lightweight shoes which have the ability to take you from your door step to the rough trail and back home. These shoes are the combination of top class materials and premium built quality which ensures long lasting durability. The use of top notch materials ensure superior comfort, performance and durability. The upper of these shoes has been made from the stretch air mesh which offers breathability to keep the interior maximum fresh. These shoes have the SENSIFIT technology used in the upper which makes the whole upper fit perfectly with your feet for perfectly customized fit. The upper also has the SENSIFLEX technology which also offers excellent foothold and perfect wearing. The upper has the QUICKLACE system which allows you customized and personalized fit in an instant. The upper has the lace pocket as well which allows you to tuck in the rest of the laces after fastening. The upper has the eyelets which are functionless but they add stylish looks and more durability. The toe cap of these shoes has been made from the TPU which offers protection to your feet. These shoes have the clever heel counter which is gender specific. This heel counter locks the foot down securely for amazing and unbeatable performance. The collar and tongue are cushioned to deliver maximum comfort and support to your feet and ankle. The insole of these shoes has been made from the OrthoLite technology which ensures premium comfort. This insole offers luxurious comfort and it also molds as per the shape of your feet for amazing fit. The insole can also be removed and replaced with your personalized orthotics. The insole has been designed to wick the moisture off your feet for fresh, odorless and healthy wearing. The midsole of these shoes has been made from the EVA which has dual density. This midsole attenuates the shocks upon each impact to ensure stress free and smooth ride. The thickness of midsole in these shoes is 10 millimeters at the forefoot and 19 millimeters at the heel. The midsole differential is 9 millimeters. These shoes also have OS Tendon which offers great energy return and terrain adaptability for enhances performance. The outsole has the CONTAGRIP LT rubber used in its construction which offers exceptional grip on various wet and dry terrains for non-skid, secure and smoother ride. The outsole also has the CONTAGRIP HA rubber which offers excellent durability to the high wear areas of the outsole for long lasting use. These shoe have the women specific built which offers superior feel and fit. These imported shoes weigh 10 ounces as per size 7.5. You can find this style in these colors: Dark Azure Blue/ Dark Cloud/ Light Onix, Dark Cloud/ Papaya B/ Dynamic and Grape Juice/ Dark Cloud/ Black.



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ElTacoDiablo from Big Rock, IL

After years of being cheap towards my feet and the treads I put on them, I finally realized that sore feet = bad trip. So I spent a lot of time researching these boots online and finally decided to make the 50 mile jaunt over to my local REI and try them on! At the store, I was really torn between these and a pair of similar Asolo's, and I walked all over the store in each pair trying to make a decision. After weighing all the similarities, I went with the Quest on the simple but important factor that the toe box is roomier on them. Don't get me wrong, the Asolo's were darn nice! It's just that the toe was a little pointier than my foot, and I could feel slight pressure... blister causing pressure! I bought them last week and have already put probably 20 light trail miles on them so that I can get them broken in before I decide to take them out. Only problem is, I do not think they even NEED to break in for me!! They are like a dream! I honestly kind of hope that they never do if they are going to change how they feel! I know I've only had them a short time, and so who knows what the first weekend trip will hold! So far though, I've hiked gravel, muddy hills, rock faces at the quarry, and gotten them submerged plenty of times to give them an opportunity to fail me on the waterproofing, and so far I have not been disappointed! I know that every persons feet are different, so you may try these on and think I'm crazy for liking them. All I know is that I have never owned such a comfortable pair of boots in my life. Good luck and happy trails folks!

HikerSkip from Monroe, WA

I went looking for a replacement for my tread-worn LaSportiva Trango Treks. These Solomon's were billed as comparable. They are not. I do big day hikes and long multi-day trips. A typical day hike is 8 to 10 miles with around 4000' elevation gain. We push for time and speed. These boots seem comfortable, but have too much shoe nature and not enough boot nature, although they look like boots. I have long term bruising in the metatarsals from lack of support while doing quick descents on rough trails. The cam lock lace gizmo's at the instep seem like a neat innovation. Makes it easy to adjust lace tightness over the instep separate from the ankle. They really work - too well. Its a pain getting them to release when you want to get the boots off. The inner side is easy, but its hard to reach around to the outside of your ankle to get the lace to release. This boot is probably okay for casual day hikes on very easy trails, but it doesn't give the support or protection for anything hard core.

Wileecoyote from Chicago, IL

This boot has the cushioning of a trail running shoe, the lightness of a hiking shoe, and the ankle support of a hiking boot. I hiked the Whitney Trail in these in October. After 22 miles and 13,000ft total gain and loss, my feet had no blisters, and my ankles and knees felt a whole lot better than when I hiked the grand canyon in my hiking shoes. As you'd expect, the boots are great on maintained trail, and they provide great grip for off-trail rock scrambling. They were solid enough to kick steps into snow higher up on Whitney, although don't have the same heft, or as stiff a sole as a boot like an Asolo - so probably wouldn't perform as well on more compacted snow. My microspikes fit perfectly on these books, and made for the perfect combination on the moderate snow slopes of Whitney. They were easily warm enough for the temps I encountered - lows in the high 20s maybe. But these boots really came into their own on the descent. The combination of cushioning + ankle support meant a more pain-free descent than what I was expecting. The lacing system has eyelets that "lock onto" the lace at the articulation point on the ankle, keeping your foot firmly planted in the boot, so no slipping or sliding around in the boot when descending. I have had the boots for only a few months, so can't comment directly on long term durability, but these are probably not the boots you'll keep for 10+ years. But if you are looking for a light, comfortable hiking boot to minimize wear and tear on your feet and joints, these are the perfect choice.


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