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Jersey Hiker from Succasunna, NJ

I had a pair of full grain leather boots for years, and when they finally died over the summer, I wanted to get something a little different to lower the weight on my feet. I have worn these boots for 4 months now and love them. I feel odd about reviewing boots, as your feet are different than mine - but I'll try my best to give you a good idea anyways.

What I look for in a boot -
Waterproof/breathability (no duh. Who likes wet or sweaty feet?). I sacrificed some breathability in the full grain leather, but the Quest boot works like a charm. I have used them primarily with light hiking socks from Icebreaker, and no issues whatsoever about letting water in or sweat out.

Fit - my foot is different than your foot. That said, these fit terrifically on my narrow-ish, long feet (my arch is somewhere in the middle as well). I automatically throw a pair of green Superfeet in every pair of footwear I own, so I can't review the stock footbed... but I can say that with Superfeet in these guys, my heel/ankle have never been more stable. The toe box seems to be nicely proportioned, too... my toes aren't banging into the front of the boot on steep downhills (I've worn the same size from other manufacturers, and on big downhill days gotten blisters on the front of my toes).

Durability - My last pair of boots lasted me three years. I've abused these guys a bit, but can't really speak to long term durability as I've only owned them for four months. Short term durability (i.e. cosmetic and waterproofness) seems to be terrific. Boot materials don't stain even if you leave mud on them for a while - soft brush and a bucket of water and they look brand new again. The laces at first struck me as a little on the thin side, but haven't really had any issue with them. One potential snag I can see with the laces is the lacing system - the 'd-ring' sort of loop at the ankles catches the laces (on purpose). This is actually a great feature. I have found that on breaks, I just undo the top of my boots, and the little ridges inside the d-rings prevent the bottom of the boot from loosening up. Lets the feet rest a bit without having to undo and then tie back up your whole boot... really nice for those five to ten minute water breaks. However, I've also thought about if the laces ever break (which they will), would the d rings still catch as effectively if it were a different thickness lace? Nit picking a bit there, but we will see in the future.

Overall, these are great boots. I was a little hesitant from moving off the protection of a full grain leather boot, but I haven't looked back once these hit my feet. I know people say they feel great right out of the box, which they do... but they still require break in (all boots do). It doesn't seem to take as long as other pairs of boots I've owned, but you can tell how much more comfortable they are after a couple of weeks of steady use as versus when you put them on right from the box.


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